Top mistakes to avoid in resume

Resume is the self advertisement which has to be done with 100% accuracy as that is the only way where your USP can reach the organizations and help you market yourself in the job market. With the immense competition around you, you have to be very accurate in what you write in your resume, as that alone becomes the face of the individual till you reach the interview level. That is the key paper that can make a brilliant career for you or even break it.

Top mistakes in the resume:

1) Objective: The objective is a very important aspect to be written in the resume. But more often we find that the objective is lifted from somewhere. This is the biggest blunder one can do. Never copy others objective as objective brings across your goals. Every individual has to have a specific goal and that has to be showcased in the Objective that you mention in your resume. Objective needs to be changed based on the job being applied. Objective has to match with the job profile.

2) Grammatical errors: Very often we find silly spelling mistakes, grammatical blunders in the sentence formation. One is not expected to write in the best English but the Basic English grammar and the sentence formation rules have to be maintained. Applying to work in an MNC and if one can’t get their English right then expecting a call for the further process is a mistake.

3) Outdated Resume: Never apply to any organization with an outdated resume. Update the resume after every important event that happens and which you feel is important from the career perspective. Mere forwarding an old resume will not land you in any job.

4) Contact information: This has to be correct to get the calls from the recruiters. One changes the contact number but forgets to change it in the resume then even your best skills may not be able to help you as the recruiters will not be able to reach you.

5) Leaving important information: All the information that needs to be known by the recruiter has to be there on the resume. For ex: A part time job taken u during the educational term may not be relevant with the job position currently applied for but the skills acquired during that previous employment may give one an edge over the others. So always showcase the skills you actually possess but never bluff.

These are just a few of the mistakes very regularly noticed in the resumes but these are the most important ones where utmost attention is needed.Resume is the face of the individual till you reach the face to face interview level so chalk out the resume very carefully. One mistake in the resume can create havoc in your career. This does not mean perfection but accuracy is the most important thing to be kept in mind while making the resume.

A good error free resume may lead to being noticed by the recruiters. Make a good resume

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