Top 5 career options after MBA


An MBA degree is one of the most sought after career options these days. The sheen of an MBA degree has grown over the years, reason being the return on investment after completing MBA from a leading B-School that most of the people are inclining towards earning a management degree.

From senior roles in management to starting one’s own entrepreneurial venture, there is a plethora of options after completing MBA. But there are some most sought after profile, which have remained a top priority among MBAs.


According to CoolAvenues Placement 2011 Surveydata, Consulting and BFSI are the most sought after profiles by MBA junta.


Other hot options are:

1. Investment banking
Investment Banking is one of the most traditional and worthwhile career options for MBAs. It has been on the top priority of MBA junta as the most preferred career option. A high pressure job, Investment Banker raises capital and advises others on acquisitions. Thus one has fair good chances to apply all the wisdom gained while pursuing MBA.


2. Management Consulting
Problem solving is the key responsibility of a management consultant. As a management consultant one also has the option to work with a consultancy firm or as a freelancer. Moreover, salary is great and you earn a lot of respect as a consultant.


3. Private Equity / Venture Capital
One of the most sought after profiles these days, finding a position in the private equity industry is a challenging prospect for MBA students. Individuals having good investment acumen can and do succeed in private equity.


For a recent MBA graduate, the private equity industry offers the opportunity to exercise many of the skills developed in business school while working in a fastpaced entrepreneurial environment that has the potential to be extremely rewarding financially.


4. Analyst
Going through the rigours of a B-school curriculum, your analytical skills would be enhanced by examining case studies and gaining lot of finance knowledge. All this translates into great preparation for an analyst job. Not only are analysts sought-after but they work to determine opportunities and problems.


5. Entrepreneurship 
One of the most thrilling career options after MBA is entrepreneurship. It is for those who love risk bearing, as your resources are at stake when you start-up your own venture. It can also be called a trial and error method where you can put all the theoretical knowledge into practice, which pays hefty results if put in the right direction. But due to the level of risk involved not many people chose to go for it. According to Final Placements 2011 data, about 0.21 percent of b-school students deferred placements to start their companies.

Source: (Cool Avenues)

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